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Overall Rating:

4 flames

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Burley Hollywell 1905 stove

Very good efficiency rating -

a simple design suitable for a smokeless area.

This model is part of the Surefire range of Burley stoves.

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Review Ratings Breakdown

Build Quality 4.5 flames
Quality of finish 4 flames
Value for money 4 flames
Ease of use 4.5 flames
Ease of lighting 4.5 flames
Firebox size 4.5 flames
How well does the airwash work 4 flames
Controllability 4 flames
Handle operation 4.5 flames
How likely are you to buy it again? 4 flames
What is your overall satisfaction? 4 flames

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  • Burley Debdale

    Neil 5 years ago

    The major selling point for me is that the burner incorporates an air inlet pipe at the rear which can be ducted through the flank wall. We did this behind the fireplace, but there's no reason... []

    Stove expert replied: Good review and with the direct air kit on the stove this seems to be producing heat very well and giving one happy customer!

    Overall rating:

    4.5 flames

  • Burley Holywell 5kw

    Graham Paterson 6 years ago

    After our infrequently used gas fire was damaged whilst being serviced we decided to look into getting a wood burning stove. I'm sure like most people we spent weeks looking round suppliers... []

    Overall rating:

    4 flames

  • Great stove had some teething problems to start with

    Andrew Peat 6 years ago

    Like other reviewers here I spent many hours trawling the web to get as much info on stoves to make an informed decision on which stove to buy, settled on the Burley due to the good reviews... []

    Overall rating:

    4.5 flames

  • handles are garbage

    Susan Conn 6 years ago

    Had this stove fitted expertly about 6 weeks ago and both the handles are garbage. I have to tighten the cam and lobe on the door EVERY time I use it, the lever at the bottom handle is loose... []

    Stove expert replied: Can the handle be fitted with a locking nut so that it doesn't keep working loose? Disappointing problem.

    Overall rating:

    3.5 flames

  • Burley Hollywell

    Jeremy Portland 6 years ago

    Great stove that does what it should. Well designed, easy to use and control. Really knocks the heat out and has a great flame picture. Only letdown is on the finish with welding splash and... []

    Stove expert replied: Doors may require minor adjustment following transit and instructions for this should be in the manual that is provided by the manufacturer.

    Overall rating:

    4.5 flames

  • Fantastic woodburning stove - Highly recommended :)

    Scott Pirie 6 years ago

    Having spent what felt like an eternity researching stoves initially online and then trawling the showrooms for more information and to see the models, the search led to a steel stove, with... []

    Stove expert replied: Great review, burning really efficiently and effectively.

    Overall rating:

    5 flames

  • A Transforming Purchase

    Ian 6 years ago

    We bought a Burley Hollywell last week and were lucky enough to get it installed for Xmas, and what a transformation it has made. We have a 3 storey terraced house and since starting it up,... []

    Overall rating:

    5 flames

  • Debdale

    The Bradburys 7 years ago

    We've lit our stove half a dozen times since installation and have been extremely impressed. It lights like a dream, burns fantastically well and gives off amazing heat. We've had multi fuel... []

    Stove expert replied: Who needs a television when you can watch a beautiful flame picture from your stove? Nice comments.

    Overall rating:

    4.5 flames

  • Fantastic stove

    Catherine Bennett 7 years ago

    Just bought one of these stoves after lots of research and visiting shops, I like the boxy style but I did opt for the cover plate over the convector pipes. It has a great flame picture via... []

    Stove expert replied: Great review of this stove. Very happy customer!

    Overall rating:

    5 flames

  • Debdale 4Kw

    Omar 7 years ago

    The Burley Debdale 4Kw wood burning stove is excellent. It heats the whole house (6 bed, 3 recep, 1 dining) and we’ve not had the CH on since installation (1.5.12). After having learned how... []

    Overall rating:

    4 flames

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