about whatstove

WhatStove is a Stovesonline Ltd website - we recognized that there was a real need for an impartial UK stove review website. WhatStove was the first dedicated UK stove review website (that we are aware of anyway). Anyone can post a stove review on What Stove so you get to see what people who actually have the product think about it. Seeing a stove either online or in a showroom is one thing, actually using it for a winter is another. At the same time, unlike some of the websites which seem to have appeared since, you will notice that Whatstove has no sales pitches, and no advertising.

At Stovesonline we sell virtually every make of stove available and therefore concentrate on giving objective, knowledgable advice rather than pushing one make over another. We have always encouraged our customers to give us feedback and that puts us in a unique position to know how different stoves perform in varying situations and over the long term. It was the usefulness of that sort of information, which cuts straight through the manufacturers blurb, that gave us the idea to provide a forum for stove owners to give an honest assessment of their own stoves.

Please only review a stove if you actually have that stove and have used it for a significant time. Please do not review the stove if you are the manufacturer / importer. Please do not make your review into an impassioned attack on your stove, supplier, or manufacturer.

We hope that you find Whatstove useful

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