Review of Vermont Castings Intrepid 2 Multi fuel stove

Great wood burner

Clive Baker 2 years ago

We had a Vermont Castings resolute multi-fuel stove for about 25 years which needed replacing. The Intrepid II looks smaller but has more room inside for logs. The stove arrived very quickly and was well packaged. It was easy to install and the controls are very straightforward. It gives out bags of heat and looks great. We are delighted with it. Not cheap to buy but if it lasts as long as our last VC stove it will be good value.

Overall rating:

4.5 flames

Build Quality 5 flames (avg 4.3)
Quality of finish 5 flames (avg 4.4)
Value for money 3 flames (avg 3.7)
Ease of use 5 flames (avg 3.9)
Ease of lighting 5 flames (avg 4)
Firebox size 5 flames (avg 4.2)
How well does the airwash work 4 flames (avg 3.8)
Controllability 5 flames (avg 3.8)
Handle operation 5 flames (avg 3.8)
How likely are you to buy it again? 5 flames (avg 3.5)
What is your overall satisfaction? 5 flames (avg 3.8)