Thornton Dale stove

Overall Rating:

4.5 flames

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Thornton Dale stove

The Thornton Dale stove has a plain curved glass window on the single door and is a multi fuel stove with quite a high output.

The Thornton Dale is cleanburning (Town and Country's turbo burner) and has a contemporary plain look.

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Review Ratings Breakdown

Build Quality 4.5 flames
Quality of finish 4.5 flames
Value for money 4 flames
Ease of use 4 flames
Ease of lighting 5 flames
Firebox size 4 flames
How well does the airwash work 5 flames
Controllability 5 flames
Handle operation 4 flames
How likely are you to buy it again? 4.5 flames
What is your overall satisfaction? 4.5 flames

Most Recent Review

  • Wow Bought our Thornton Dale Stove in 2005.....100% Happy

    Dave Wordi 2 years ago

    All though this stove is discontinued it is a fantastic product. Posting this in 2022 this wood burner has saved us thousands of pounds in gas. Put a fire in and it heats all of the house. We
    chose Town and Country based on what we saw in the show room. All these years on the stove is as good as the day it was installed. We love it as much today as the day we first fired it up.Town and Country are a 5 star British company in Pickering North Yorks...great products great staff...we will buy another stove with out hesitation. Thank you.
    Overall rating:

    5 flames

Most Popular Review

  • Internal welds showing on door external surface, poor customer service

    Wood Burner 13 years ago

    Happy with the stove overall, got a silver one fitted, very contemporary and sleek. One problem with these stoves, the internal welds on the door for the vent doubler plates and specification
    plates and glass attachment brackets are visible on the external surface. The welds are too deep through the door material. They would not send me a replacement door while they 'investigated' the obvious quality or process defect and so two weeks on I have no door and cannot burn. Poor customer service IMHO. Sending a temporary replacement would have been no problem and would have totally satisfied me (and allowed me to continue using the product which is my biggest gripe with the poor customer back up.) I wonder what would happen with a defect 5 years down the line..... has not instilled me with confidence regarding the back up. Interestingly their website clearly states that you have no redress with them directly, only with your dealer.... It is the dealer who has the relationship with T & C... Sloping shoulders!!!! That said the stove otherwise is excellent. Clean glass, easy light complete burn out and very sleek.... I would recommend again but with the caveats detailed above and below. If there was a customer service mark it would only be a 1 I'm afraid. Look out for the welds though.. Come on T & C pick up your customer service game a bit so we can be a little more confident, and sort out the welds.

    Stove expert replied: Your contract is with the dealer who should be sorting this out for you as they have taken your money, this is the law! That said good customer service should be automatic by any manufacturer not the luck of the draw.

    Overall rating:

    4 flames

More reviews for Thornton Dale stove

  • Does what it says on the tin

    David Shaw 7 years ago

    Great stove - very happy with it. Very easy to light. Great appearance. Huge viewing glass. Chucks out a lot of heat with seasoned logs. Glass remains clean. easy to control. Accepts big logs
    . What more can you ask?We had this installed a couple of years ago to replace an open grate. I like fires, but the open grate allowed smoke to enter the room. So we put this in. It''s only a back up to a central heating system, and is not connected to the hot water or heating. We tend to use it only on very cold days, or when we want the benefit of real flames.It uses around one log every half hour with primary air closed off; secondary and tertiary air fully open.I bought a 1.25 cubic metre of seasoned Ash logs. Looks like it will last through two winters. Obviously, if you use it more often, you''ll get through the wood a bit quicker. All the logs fit comfortably inside the fireboxThe logs burn down to a very fine ash, so we are pretty sure the claims of complete combustion are valid. I tend to clean the glass every three or four times of use, but it is not hard-baked on. An old yellow/green pan cleaner with water and soap is enough to get rid of any deposits in a few minutes. You could definitely leave it longer before cleaning if you wanted to.Oh, and then there are the admiring comments from guests....
    Overall rating:

    5 flames

  • Find a proper fitter!

    7 years ago

    Well now, where do I start? The stove is wonderful, just cannot seem to get the fitting done correctly. We used an installer recommended, I requested that an air brick be fitted, it was not
    done, so out with the burner and one fitted. We, after 4 years decided to replace the fireplace but keep the stove, so called a sweep/woodburner fitter, he said the flue pipe was not fitted correctly, so another new pipe, new flange new register plate all fitted. New fireplace fitted and stove re-assembled. Lovely job but fire smokes the room out and goes out! So, I have removed cowl and chimney pot, all clean. Finally sussed out that the airwash tube was fitted back to front! Am awaiting installers to return.
    Overall rating:

    4 flames

  • Brilliant Product - Brilliant Performance

    PETER HAWORTH 8 years ago

    We are extremely happy with our Thornton Dale Stove. It does everything the company says it will and is a dream to keep clean. Well done Town and Country.
    Overall rating:

    3 flames

  • Great Purchase

    Lady In Norfolk 11 years ago

    We were guided to this fire by local company, Anglian Stoves. It is a perfect fit for the space, and offers extremely high output of heat for such a small fire. We love the curved front, and
    visitors always comment on how pleasing the shape is. We have not had a wood burning stove before, and are exremely pleased with this purchase. Very easy to light and control. We have not tried to keep it burning overnight as our lives do not require the house to be warm in the morning, on the rare occasion that we do require heat in the morning it takes only a matter of minutes to relight it so is not a problem. Having no previous experience of stoves I can not comment on how economical it is other than to say that we are very happy with how slowly our wood pile it going down! One thing that we have learnt is the importance of having dry wood. We will be purchasing next winters supply during this spring/summer to store in a wood shed that we are not building. We would purhcase this again, and also use the same supplier.

    Stove expert replied: Make sure that the wood you purchase is dry and seasoned, buying this summer for use next winter will not be long enough if only just cut.

    Overall rating:

    5 flames

  • Thornton Dale by Town and Country

    Gavin Mitchell 11 years ago

    Bought this stove for our annexe where the main room is 19ft square. My parents had bought a smaller Little Thurlow I was very impressed with how it performed but needed something with a higher
    output. There is no fireplace in the room so it has a stainless flue from the ground floor right up and over the roof line. Living on top of a moor I was concerned the wind might impact on the burn and potential back draft but this was unfounded. Really belts out the heat so much so you need to let the heat out of the main door into the rest of the house. As a result we managed right through last winter without the central heating on a timer. Just as a when we felt we needed it. As a result I would estimate we've saved around £500 in heating oil so in 4 years its liable to have paid for itself including installation. It's very controllable through the side vents and burns well but even on softwood does not move through your log pile very quickly. If you close it right down you will end up with a brown hue on the glass but it comes off easily with a rub from some newspaper.Curved glass gives a great view of the fire from a wide angle. Handle needs gloves to open. Never managed to keep it burning overnight but I haven't tried hard as its used as a bedroom and it simply makes it too hot to sleep in. If you set the fire well its very easy to light particularly compared to our open fire in the lounge. No issues at all with build quality. I think its built to last. This is probably the best investment we have made in our home and the best bit is that its generating a return on heating oil. We were so impressed we bought another for the lounge that's about to be installed. Cheapest place I found to buy was Mole Valley Farmers. They normally have two heating days a year and offer a discount and free coal. For the price I think it represents great value. I've now invested in two proper wood stores and as a result even softwood like Larch performs very well in this stove.

    Stove expert replied: Customer so impressed he has purchased another, a very good review.

    Overall rating:

    4.5 flames

  • Town and Country - Thornton Dale with Log Store

    Richard Gillett 13 years ago

    One of the best things I've every bought.Had it in over a year now. Situated in dining room on internal wall in four bedroom house, with large lounge and kitchen. Having been down to -12 outside
    temp, it easily maintaines +22/+24 deg through the whole house, which means we don't use our central heating system anymore. I used to keep it in over night but with it been so easy to light I don't bother anymore. It gives such a good burn that it leaves very little ash, only having to empty once a week, twice on rare occasions. I can't praise it enough and would recomend it to anyone. You do need a good place to store your timber if you don't have a good log supplier nearby, I already have next years logs in store.

    Stove expert replied: Wood stores are a must if you are a committed stove user, worth getting next years wood in to ensure it is well seasoned.

    Overall rating:

    5 flames

  • Town and Country - Thornton Dale

    A Hobson 14 years ago

    Really efficient. Plenty big enough to take some good sized logs. Burns very cleanly and the glass stays clean showing off a lovely fire. As yet to get it completely right when trying to leave
    in over night. I seem to either keep it clean burning and out by the morning or shut it down too much and have a burning fire but black glass. As this is the second wood burner to go in this particular fireplace after replacing the last one which had done 17 years and didn't have a glass door to worry about this one is taking a bit of getting used to. My only worry is breaking the glass door as it is a single 'curved' sheet of glass and it has to come from Germany (the only one not British made!)and apparently is very expensive. Something I didn't find out until it had been installed. Best make sure I don't shut it too quicky with a log protruding the door!! All the same a really good looking and effiecient bit of kit!!
    Overall rating:

    5 flames