Review of Stratford EB 20 HE


Patrick McGuigan 4 years ago

Had this stove fitted recently. Delighted with it's performance so far. Comfotably heats 14 radiators brilliantly, loads of really hot water, and with 3' of exposed flue pipe it gives brilliant heat to the room it's located in.

Minor downsides are that the airwash could be slightly better, especially with non smokeless coal, the ashpan could be bigger so that ashes don't fall outside of it, but otherwise do not hesitate to buy this stove, you will not be disappointed. :-)

Overall rating:

4.5 flames

Build Quality 5 flames (avg 4.5)
Quality of finish 5 flames (avg 4.5)
Value for money 5 flames (avg 4.2)
Ease of use 5 flames (avg 4.6)
Ease of lighting 5 flames (avg 4.8)
Firebox size 5 flames (avg 4.7)
How well does the airwash work 3 flames (avg 3)
Controllability 5 flames (avg 4.3)
Handle operation 3 flames (avg 2.8)
How likely are you to buy it again? 5 flames (avg 4.3)
What is your overall satisfaction? 5 flames (avg 4.3)