Review of Stovax Huntington 40 stove

Best Stove on Market

Barry Scannell 7 years ago

My experience of the Huntington 40 has been nothing but positive. We had it now for over 10 years and I can say that it is the best stove on the market. It heats a very large area in our house and what impresses me is that it stays lit for very long periods without having to reload the firebox.

We made a bad decision a number of years ago when we installed a second stove in our house in our sitting room and went with the advise of someone else when we put in a Charnwood Island 1. We regret not putting in another Huntington!!. There is no comparison. We are constantly feeding the Charnwood!!

Stove expert replied: It may not be the stove that is the problem in the sitting room it might be the flue system!

Overall rating:

5 flames

Build Quality 5 flames (avg 4)
Quality of finish 5 flames (avg 4.2)
Value for money 5 flames (avg 3.4)
Ease of use 5 flames (avg 3.8)
Ease of lighting 5 flames (avg 4.4)
Firebox size 4 flames (avg 3.9)
How well does the airwash work 4 flames (avg 3.3)
Controllability 5 flames (avg 3.8)
Handle operation 5 flames (avg 3.6)
How likely are you to buy it again? 5 flames (avg 3.3)
What is your overall satisfaction? 5 flames (avg 3.5)