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Overall Rating:

4 flames

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Firefox 8 stove

The Firefox 8 is an 8.9kW cast iron stove which can burn wood or coal.

Technical Data
  • Height: 607mm
  • Width: 566mm
  • Depth: 363mm
  • Flue Diameter: 150mm
  • Fuel: Multifuel
  • Efficiency: 77%

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Review Ratings Breakdown

Build Quality 4 flames
Quality of finish 4 flames
Value for money 4.5 flames
Ease of use 4 flames
Ease of lighting 4.5 flames
Firebox size 4 flames
How well does the airwash work 3.5 flames
Controllability 3.5 flames
Handle operation 3.5 flames
How likely are you to buy it again? 3.5 flames
What is your overall satisfaction? 4 flames

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  • Super Firefox

    Michael Bunyan 5 years ago

    Transformed our very cold cottage into a warm home, had the Stove three months now, soon learnt to only burn good dry logs, running costs are around £15 per week, fitted an eco-fan on top of... []

    Overall rating:

    4.5 flames

  • door pin problem

    Brianlumsden Lumsden 5 years ago

    I am really happy with my firefox 8 stove exept the top pin that holds the door on keeps on rising up once a week I have to gently hammer it back down I have tried wd40 but it is still happening... []

    Stove expert replied: The hinge pin probably just needs a gentle tap on the botttom end to slightly splay it and it will then be tighter in the hinge and less able to ride up.

    Overall rating:

    3.5 flames

  • Firefox8 going strong.

    Ashley Barnes 5 years ago

    Fitted it just before Xmas. Only using seasoned wood we have the multi fuel version so has the grate that doesn't allow for more logs so over night burn isn't possible. But with the log only... []

    Overall rating:

    4.5 flames

  • superb firefox 8

    Jon Hunt 5 years ago

    I am into my second winter with my firefox 8, it is the only source of heat in our 3 bed semi. I keeps the house warm easily and stays in all night with no problems, in fact it has been going... []

    Stove expert replied: Please note that any fuel that has a petroleum base should not be used on a closed appliance, do check the fuel you are using is not petrocoke as this can harm the appliance.

    Overall rating:

    5 flames

  • Firefox 8 poor quality

    David Rand 5 years ago

    I have had one stove replaced and the new one has the same problems. When burning wood using the top air slide it works fine on full but as soon as I start to close the vent the fire burns better... []

    Stove expert replied: Seems very disappointing and strange that the air control will only work on full, I would suggest going back to the supplier to see if something can be done under warranty.

    Overall rating:

    1.5 flames

  • HELP

    Sheenagh Owen-Brown 5 years ago

    When we bought our house a gas fire was installed, we decided to brick up the fire and go for an electric contemporary fire. A few weeks ago I decided to sledge hammer the wall with a view to... []

    Stove expert replied: A stove liner can be installed inside an existing chimney and there are free flue design services available on the net. The liner would need to be 150mm, rigid flue pipe off the top or rear of the stove to the register plate, at this point an adaptor will convert to the liner. At the top of the chimney you can either have a pot hanging cowl (if a round topped chimney pot is already in place) or a top plate, top insert with rain cap and top clamp can be used. Insulation round the liner may also be required. Would recommend speaking to a flue designer for confirmation. If you install this your self you will need to get Building Control to sign this off when complete.

    Overall rating:

    4.5 flames

  • Airflow handles loose

    Linda Scarce 5 years ago

    Great stove, fitted two years ago, kept us super warm all through the snow last year- 28 degrees in a 10x7m room with doors to the rest of the house open! We only ever burn seasoned wood or... []

    Overall rating:

    4.5 flames

  • Noisy stove

    Neil Cav 5 years ago

    Our firefox 8 seems to be very noisy and sucks in a lot of air - so much you can actually feel it being dragged into the fire through the air slide at the front. An air noise is heard from the... []

    Stove expert replied: Possibly an over-drawing flue that requires further investigation.

    Overall rating:

    3 flames

  • Great Stove

    Warren B 5 years ago

    Our Firefox 8 has been in just over a week and has performed above and beyond expectations. Just as good if not better than the more expensive AGA little wenlock we had fitted in our dining... []

    Overall rating:

    4 flames

  • remove grate of just burning wood?

    David Kirk 5 years ago

    Super stove for the money. We only burn wood though and I wonder if it's possible to remove the grate and set the fire straight on top of the base of the stove. It would allow for a greater... []

    Stove expert replied: There are woodburning kits available which is the best option to prevent any damage to the stove.

    Overall rating:

    3 flames

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