Review of Clearview 650 stove

clearview 650

John 11 years ago

A stove that is grossly overpriced with mediocre quality. The stove quality is poor the stove was delivered with rust coming through the paintwork with thin plate steel sides. There are a lot better quality stoves on the market for a cheaper price.


\n\nWhen seals go on the doors,ash pan it is very difficult to get a decent seal. The interior fittings are poor and need frequent replacement.I have been very disapointed with this stove. The Charnwood replacement is in a different class.

\n\nIn summary overpriced poor quality and inefficient in all its functions

Overall rating:

2 flames

Build Quality 2 flames (avg 4.3)
Quality of finish 1 flames (avg 4.4)
Value for money 1 flames (avg 4.1)
Ease of use 2 flames (avg 4.5)
Ease of lighting 2 flames (avg 4.5)
Firebox size 4 flames (avg 4.6)
How well does the airwash work 3 flames (avg 4.4)
Controllability 2 flames (avg 4.3)
Handle operation 3 flames (avg 3.8)
How likely are you to buy it again? 1 flames (avg 4.2)
What is your overall satisfaction? 1 flames (avg 4.2)