Aga Much Wenlock stove

Overall Rating:

3 flames

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Aga Much Wenlock stove
The Aga Much Wenlock is a 6kW stove suited to the medium sized room. This is a cleanburning stove with airwash.
Technical Data
  • Height: 700mm
  • Width: 550mm
  • Depth: 480mm
  • Flue Diameter: 150mm
  • Fuel: Multifuel
  • Nominal Heat Output: 5.5kW
  • Efficiency: 77.3%

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Review Ratings Breakdown

Build Quality 3.5 flames
Quality of finish 4 flames
Value for money 2.5 flames
Ease of use 3.5 flames
Ease of lighting 3.5 flames
Firebox size 2.5 flames
How well does the airwash work 3 flames
Controllability 3.5 flames
Handle operation 4 flames
How likely are you to buy it again? 2.5 flames
What is your overall satisfaction? 3 flames

Most Recent Review

  • Aga much wenlock - hot smell

    John Pritchard 7 years ago

    When I make a big fire the stove gives out a ''hot smell''.How can I stop this from happening? It only does it when I use coal and wood, when burning wood only it dosen't give out the ''hot

    Stove expert replied: Are you using household coal? This burns with a longer flame then smokeless fuel or wood and will expose the internal parts to higher than normal temperatures and may be what has caused the smell. By a big fire do you mean lots and fuel with all vents open fully - the vents should only be allowed to be open fully for short periods of say 15 - 20 mins otherwise there is potential to over draw the stove and again this may be the cause of the hot smell. It is difficult to be exact to what is causing this as hot smells will occur when the stove has got hotter than on previous occasions but should be temporary and should not reoccur unless another factor is the cause. Do check the flue system to make sure that there is no combustible materials in close proximity.

    Overall rating:

    4.5 flames

Most Popular Review

  • My biggest waste of money yet

    Clare 13 years ago

    So very disappointed with this stove and the total lack of knowledge or even care with their customer service.It does look nice, this sucked me in. I cannot get any control over the burning
    rate, it's totally uncontrollable. I've run it with all the vents shut and it still burns out of control.Called AGA to ask if there is something I'm perhaps doing wrong as I've had my instillation checked and no problem there, they feel it's the stove. There is nobody at AGA in any of the departments that have the slightest knowledge about their stoves, unbelievable!!My ash pan broke on first use, the little lip to pull the pan out came off, poorly soldered on. I've been waiting 3 weeks for a replacement with no joy, I keep being told it will be sent overnight but it never arrives.Biggest waste of money ever and very poor customer service. Thank god I had not spent silly money on a range, this has certainly put that idea to bed for my new kitchen.If any One at AGA read this, I'm still on hold for service and have been for 35 minutes now, please pick up your phones!

    Stove expert replied: Sounds as if there may be a problem with the installation if stove uncontrollable. First thing to check is that the door seals are working (try shutting a piece of paper between the door and the body of the stove, if it can be pulled out then the door needs adjustment or the rope needs replacing. It may be an over-drawing flue system which your installer should be able to help with. Worth investigating sooner to ensure no damage to the stove occurs.

    Overall rating:

    1.5 flames

More reviews for Aga Much Wenlock stove

  • We definitely made the right choice

    7 years ago

    Picking a stove was one of the longest decisions I have ever made, trawling back and forth comparing stove size and firebox size. This one, we felt best suited our fireplace and requirements
    . I was very nearly put off buying it, due to the negative comments here, but I'm so glad I ignored them. This fire is fantastic, quite a bit oversized for our room, but still very controllable, really looking forward to it turning properly cold, so we can really get it working. I installed it myself, and although I was a little nervous, it all went well, nothing to it really if you follow the advice of people in the know. Only negative so far is on first firing, there was a rather strong chemical smell due to the paint curing on the stove, but after a couple of hours, and once we gradually increased the heat, the smell disappeared. I hope this review helps, this really is a good stove.

    Stove expert replied: Please note that self installations can be undertaken but should then be signed off by the local Building Control Office or a Hetas Engineer to ensure conformity of the current regulations. People are quick to write negative reviews but less keen on positive ones so it is good to hear that you proceeded with this purchase even though negative remarks had been made.

    Overall rating:

    4.5 flames

  • Pretty stove. Good overall. Some niggles.

    Robert Lea 9 years ago

    Having read some of the other reviews of the Much Wenlock, I'm surprised to hear that other users have experienced problems. Our unit has been trouble free and we are pleased with it as a purchase
    . The Much Wenlock is the Big Brother of the popular Little Wenlock Stove (which we also own and use on another fireplace). Looks wise, the Much Wenlock is a handsome Stove and is essentially a scaled-up version of the Little Wenlock. In terms of performance, the Much Wenlock is easy to operate and draws well - aided by the 3 separate air controls. However, we find shutting the stove down completely to be less easy than on the Little Wenlock, as a little air still leaks into the stove, even when all controls are closed. That said, this isnt much of a problem. The airwash does work, but is a bit temperamental and I assume is also dependent on what wood used and running temperature. We find the glass on the little Wenlock can blacken easily - unsurprising, as it has no airwash.The stove appears to be constructed of an internal steel firebox, with external decorative Cast Iron panels. As a result, the Stove is slow to heat and it takes a good 45mins+ for the exterior of the stove to become very warm. In other words, the stove gives out little heat for the first 3/4 of an hour. That said, once the Stove is hot, it retains the heat for longer. The is in contrast with the Little Wenlock, which heats-up quickly and can also be shut down more effectively. One last point. The airwash system of the Stove 'throws' the internal air (Combustion products) forwards towards the front of the stove. As a result, a little smoke can escape when opening the door. Again, this is not a problem we find with the Little Wenlock. Overall, the Much Wenlock is a Pretty stove, which does the job. The price was reasonable and I think you get good value for money, for what you get. Given this is the first larger stove we have owned, I'm not sure if it's niggles are shared by other larger stoves? I suspect some might, but would expect some of the more expensive stoves are a bit better engineered. For a mid-range larger Stove, I rate the Much Wenlock as a 3.5 out of 5. As I can't choose half stars, I've rounded up below!
    Overall rating:

    4 flames

  • Disappointed

    Gray Perry 10 years ago

    We have used woodburning stoves for the past 15 years to heat our lounge. We installed the Much Wenlock 3 years ago, chosen based on the name and reputation. Our old stove, a French Godin cylindrical
    , provided plenty of heat.We have had the Much Wenlock refitted 3 times, on a T flue to the rear, using the original brick chimney, and after fitting a flue liner - and in all combinations we cannot get any heat from the stove. With the new flue liner we have better control, and can turn the burn up and down easily. We use well dried wood, we have bought seasoned hardwood, and even tried coal - but none of the fuels makes ANY difference to the heat output. We really don't know what to do - other than to replace the stove as we have tried everything else.

    Stove expert replied: Is there plenty of clearance around the stove to allow the heat to radiate freely? Is there an air brick in the room?

    Overall rating:

    1.5 flames

  • New model very disappointing

    Karan Winthrop 10 years ago

    Compared to the Coalbrookdale Much Wenlock, Aga 's version can't hold a match to it,( bad pun!)The steel insert restricts the size of wood you intend to use.The riddling plate is neither use
    nor ornament compared to the fire bars it has replaced.Don't get me started on the fact that the 2 separate doors have been replaced by one single door.Totally useless, if the fire's nearly out , with the old model all you had to do was open the bottom door and it would draw, you can't do that with the new model.Very disappointed, I feel it's a waste of money.
    Overall rating:

    1.5 flames

  • Best purchase ever

    James Henry 13 years ago

    I've had mine now for about 6 months and must admit to being more than satisfied. We spent months deciding on which stove would be suitable for us but in the end we were drawn by the brand image
    of having an Aga. It ticks pretty much every box we wanted it too and the quality of build is exceptional.
    Overall rating:

    4.5 flames