Woodwarm Fireview 20kw

Overall Rating:

5 flames

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Woodwarm Fireview 20kw

Plain model with 1 door available with or without boiler.

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Build Quality 5 flames
Quality of finish 5 flames
Value for money 5 flames
Ease of use 5 flames
Ease of lighting 5 flames
Firebox size 5 flames
How well does the airwash work 5 flames
Controllability 5 flames
Handle operation 4.5 flames
How likely are you to buy it again? 5 flames
What is your overall satisfaction? 5 flames

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  • 20kw woodwarm stove

    Kieran Mcdaid 13 years ago

    I recently built an extension and a man that works with me told me to put in a stove. I had no intention of putting in a stove, he said with rising oil costs to heat 25 double rads with todays
    prices would cost about 2200 euro per year. Starting from cold, the 20kw stove can bring all rads up to 50 to 60 degrees in one hour. I then close it down and that's just burning waste timber skids that I get at work for free no hardwood or no coal. Its over all heating is a good set up because most people I know with stoves find its the case of too much heat in one room and cold rads about 15 to 20 degrees (so that's just one hot room;) whereas the 20kw Woodwarm gives out 30% of its heat to the room and 70% to water which is fairly good. The best money I've ever spent to heat a house and costs £2700 well worth it.

    Stove expert replied: Good value for money and free wood which can't be bad!

    Overall rating:

    4.5 flames

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  • Our main winter heating

    Richard Fry 5 years ago

    We are in North Spain and rely on this fire to heat a thermal store and to put a gentle heat in the upstairs radiators. We also have solar tubes but due to the fact winter here is often cloudy
    and rainy we don't get much heat from them in the Winter. This fire is great. It burns large logs at a controlled rate thanks to the self adjusting air vent, so the fire stays at a constant burn. It burns cleanly and produces little ash. There is sufficient heat into the room and all the rest goes in to the back boiler to the thermal store and rads..

    Stove expert replied: Good heat source not only for the room but for the heatstore. Its control-ability is impressive.

    Overall rating:

    5 flames

  • brilliant efficient woodburner!

    7 years ago

    Bought this woodburner 18 months ago to replace an inefficient cracked cast stove which didn't heat the room. We live in an old stone built school house with high ceilings and not much insulation
    . We needed a stove which would heat and suit the dimensions of the room. This stove is brilliant! easy to light, clean out and the glass stays clear too. Our wood usage has reduced and we have never been so warm and toasty. I used to always have a throw handy before we purchased this, but now can comfortably sit in PJ's in the evening! We love it and wish we'd bought it sooner. Am now looking to put a smaller model in our office studio.
    Overall rating:

    5 flames

  • Built like a battleship, looks like a ballerina!

    Peter Harris 9 years ago

    After suffering two very cold winters in our new house, we decided to swap our old - and just not capable - Villager stove for a more modern upgrade. The task in hand for the new arrival was
    a substantial one: to heat our 21,000 cubic feet 'lounge'. Yes, 21,000 is not a typo. BTU calculations suggest 50-60KW needed for that room alone. The closest spec to that (apart from the monstrous Bullerjan stove) was the 20 kw woodwarm fireview. We are into our second winter with this stove and it has transformed our heating and comfort levels. It looks stunning with it's clean lines and large glass window; giving a great mix of convected and radiant heat - the latter perfect for a large room. The airwash system controls make for incredibly simple and effective heat output. On 'full throttle' the stove thermometer can easily reach 500-600 celsius, but obviously that's overheating, so it's adjusted back to a comfortable 300 celsius. It will burn overnight without the need for solid fuel also. Simply shut down all the vents and with a few logs packed inside, our stove has 'ticked over' for 9 hours. Great for overnight: simply open the vents when you wake up and within minutes the stove is up and alight again. Any soot on the glass is easily burned away within minutes. It will easily keep our lounge/hall heated to 18 degress even on a cold day - and that's with a 24ft ceiling. Overall, an incredibly stylish and superbly functional stove that I would recommend in a heartbeat!
    Overall rating:

    5 flames