The Barrington 6kw

Overall Rating:

2 flames

based on 4 reviews    (View rating breakdown)
The Barrington 6kw

The Chesney Barrington features a traditional, refined ivory finish,

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Review Ratings Breakdown

Build Quality 1.5 flames
Quality of finish 1.5 flames
Value for money 1 flames
Ease of use 3 flames
Ease of lighting 3.5 flames
Firebox size 3 flames
How well does the airwash work 3 flames
Controllability 3.5 flames
Handle operation 2 flames
How likely are you to buy it again? 1 flames
What is your overall satisfaction? 1 flames

Most Recent Review

  • Poor quality considering cost of this stove

    7 years ago

    My stove is at one year old suffering with the ash riddle grate jamming again, a new one supplied as a good will gesture by Chesney already. Was told this is a part that will distort and can
    be purchased separately and the glass will only stay clean if fully vented which is not recommended by Chesney. Save money and buy a cheaper stove.

    Stove expert replied: Try not to over riddle the stove, only riddle until red embers start to fall into the ash pan - this way there will be ash to protect the grate. The ash in the ash pan should then be removed immediately to prevent it from building up and over heating the underside of the grate which should have a gap to allow air to pass through and help to cool it.

    Overall rating:

    2 flames

Most Popular Review

  • Chesneys barrington


    I was told they were the best on the market, I don't think so! Trouble from the first week, paint flaking off flue and now off the top of the stove. Top baffle plate as bowed, so need a new
    one! Recommend you steer clear, buy another make! you can't get spares from Chesneys, they don't want to know you, they just say see your loacl supplier> NIGHTMARE STEER WELL CLEAR!

    Stove expert replied: Paint peeling off flue, did this get touched up after installation as unless the original paint had cured (during the first few firings) then over spraying will cause the paint to peel! The top baffle bowing, how old is the stove? This may be caused by an over drawing flue or by over firing the stove and may not be a manufacturing fault. Many manufacturers do not offer a direct spares replacement service and would expect their dealers to supply.

    Overall rating:

    3 flames

More reviews for The Barrington 6kw

  • Disappointing-overpriced

    Johnathon James 10 years ago

    Well-what can I say.......how sad in all respects......The dealer said that this was the best cream stove and put me off the cheaper stoves. Took 3 months to arrive and then after I had the
    same problems with discolouration and paint flaking, I was told that it was the way I was opearating it.

    Stove expert replied: Enamel stoves can discolour when being fired and this should always be taken into consideration when puirchasing.

    Overall rating:

    1.5 flames

  • Don't buy it

    Kelly 12 years ago

    We have had 3 Cream stoves in 6 months all 3 have gone battleship grey! Also on all 3 the lever for the grate has fallen out and on one the wholeStove was not stable enough and caused the flue
    to come loose as the stove movedFrom side to side.Roles Royce of stoves I don't think so more like a robin reliant

    Stove expert replied: Enamelled stoves can change colour when hot but not normally to this extent. Rather sad.

    Overall rating:

    2 flames