Review of Stratford TF90 stove

Not Impressed

Morras-Tomlinson 9 years ago

I purchased this stove on the warm recommendation of the dealer, and it did at first seem to be satisfactory: large firebox, acceptable if basic appearance, good output, and easy to control (almost as responsive as a gas fire.)

However, within a few months of winter operation, both the paint finish had started to rub off (!) and the thermostat mechanism had come apart in my hands, jamming the air supply wide open - obvious safety implications there.

Very difficult negotiations with the manufacturers then ensued: I found them to be utterly unhelpful and unwilling to accept the clear evidence of poor quality manufacture and design. I had not expected this from an established firm.

I must add that their engineer, who was eventually sent to inspect the stove, wholly concurred in my view, supplied a very honest report on the faults.

I was grateful to him and it enabled me to obtain a full refund, some 8 months after the faults became apparent.

I subsequently bought the largest of the SAEY stoves, which at only a little extra cost has proved to be superbly and solidly made and excellent for heating the whole of my small house (and cooking) with much more economical use of wood. After a winter of hard work, it is as good as new, which I could not say for its predecessor.

Stove expert replied: A difficult review as many customers are very satisfied with their TF90B's, it is a shame that legal action was required to rectify this.

Overall rating:

2 flames

Build Quality 1 flames (avg 3.6)
Quality of finish 1 flames (avg 3.5)
Value for money 1 flames (avg 3.4)
Ease of use 1 flames (avg 3.7)
Ease of lighting 5 flames (avg 4.2)
Firebox size 5 flames (avg 4.3)
How well does the airwash work 1 flames (avg 2.8)
Controllability 1 flames (avg 3.4)
Handle operation 3 flames (avg 3.7)
How likely are you to buy it again? 1 flames (avg 3)
What is your overall satisfaction? 1 flames (avg 3.2)