OER 4.5kW Insert Stove

Overall Rating:

5 flames

based on 3 reviews    (View rating breakdown)
OER 4.5kW Insert Stove

The OER 4.5 kW insert stove provides a modern DEFRA approved multifuel stove a choice of magnetic handles.   

Technical Data
  • Height: 620mm
  • Width: 524mm
  • Depth: 233mm
  • Flue Diameter: 150mm
  • Fuel: Multifuel

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Review Ratings Breakdown

Build Quality 4.5 flames
Quality of finish 5 flames
Value for money 4.5 flames
Ease of use 5 flames
Ease of lighting 5 flames
Firebox size 4.5 flames
How well does the airwash work 4.5 flames
Controllability 4.5 flames
Handle operation 4.5 flames
How likely are you to buy it again? 5 flames
What is your overall satisfaction? 5 flames

Most Recent Review

  • OER 5kw

    7 years ago

    They are great quality stoves and have more to the range than just the inset as I had the double sided and it is fantastic especially with the different coloured door options, it is so easy
    to use and clearer than a clear view which I had before, great value for money as well. Would not hesitate to recommend !

    Stove expert replied: Good review, scores well in most areas.

    Overall rating:

    5 flames

Most Popular Review

  • Love my OER stove

    7 years ago

    I have just had installed a OER 5 stove and I am really impressed with it, does exactly as described. Great controllability and really clean burning and great air wash on the glass. Love the
    magnetic handles but most of all its so clean compared to my last stove which always had ash blow back when I opened the door. I had the extra enamel door which makes a standard black box a bit nicer. I would highly recommend, great British product.
    Overall rating:

    5 flames

More reviews for OER 4.5kW Insert Stove

  • Ooh er! Right grand little stove is this

    7 years ago

    Having not ever used a woodburning stove, I was anxious about if I would be able to light it and once past that obstacle would it burn efficiently and stay lit! This OER stove has allayed my
    fears. It''s really easy to use and pumps out some serious heat . I love it - the best bit was after removing my gas fire and capping it off, the stove fitted into my existing fireplace. I had it installed by a Heatas registered fitter, whose only gripe was that the 6inch flue got stuck on cement that the builders had chucked down the chimney when the house was built . I will say that I bought it from a local retailer so saw the stove and others before purchasing and the shop assistants were great in helping me choose the right stove. I think this helped with me being satisfied with the stove I purchased .
    Overall rating:

    4.5 flames