Nordpeis Uno 1

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5 flames

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Nordpeis Uno 1

The Nordpeis Uno 1 has an attractive pedestal base and is a highly efficient little 4kW woodburning stove. External air is an option on the Uno 1.

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Build Quality 5 flames
Quality of finish 5 flames
Value for money 5 flames
Ease of use 5 flames
Ease of lighting 5 flames
Firebox size 5 flames
How well does the airwash work 5 flames
Controllability 5 flames
Handle operation 5 flames
How likely are you to buy it again? 5 flames
What is your overall satisfaction? 5 flames
  • Our stove story

    7 years ago

    Long hours spent on the internet and local stockists, but really best to see before you buy. We decided it was important to have a buy and install package which also turned out to be best
    overall costPerformance and looks of the Nordpies Uno 1 was perfect, we were able to check the quality out in the stockist and it looked very well built, and importantly we could place 150mm from a combustible surface, it was going in a sun room single story extension. Only reservation was the self closing door mechanism which is really just a spring and you give the door a good push to slam it closed.Also spent some time looking at the cost of wood as we have no easy access to a wood supply so would be purchasing in bulk. Turned out to be really difficult to compare costs with most sellers using different pack sizes and we ended up going with close stacked pallet of kiln dried hard wood which we can store in our garage as it's already very dry.Installation was easily done in a day being a straight 4.5m through our single story extension, all done in matt black twinwall. Installer suggested 200mm from rear wall and it looks fine in the room, we chose a glass hearth on our wood floor and this works well.There's lots of u tube videos on how to build your fire but we kept in simple with no newspapers etc,,, as these were not recommended by the manufacturer. First go was quite traditional with stacked kindling, then a couple of small spit logs, 2 firelighters on the bottom and away it went no problem at all. After a couple of minutes we closed the door and it burnt well. Problem came when adding logs after this burned down with difficulty to get going again. After some time it was okNext burn was same again but more kindling, no problem lighting and this time no problem with adding wood. The higher temperature with the added kindling worked well.Next was small logs on the bottom and good pile of well space kindling on top...great, works really well. Lovely flame, easily controlled by the single leaver at the side of the stove, no problem controlling this stove at all. Adding wood is just a case of making sure it has burned down, opening the door slowly, add wood and leave door open for a few minutes. The air control needs to be fully open for the first 5 to 10 minutes then close down to suit required heat output. Might be nominally rated at 4kW but goes up to 6kw and has no problem heating our 6x4m room which we keep open to a 9x3m kitchen / dining room.Trick for our stove is very dry wood, good pile of kindling, get stove well up to temperature, add logs when it's burnt well down and off you go.Now running like this for a couple of weeks with no problem at all. Very clean burn keeping all 3 glass sides clear and we love seeing the flames from 3 sides.We vacuum out most of the ash after each burn which works well for this stove...it has a ceramic liner rather than the more common vermiculite also has no grate. A rub with some ash on a dry cloth easily clears any sign of discolouration on the glass.In summary we visited lots of stockists to talk over our needs, did a huge amount of internet research, had it professionally installed (the flue being as important as the stove) and followed the manufacturers instructions for wood and the result is a great performing and really stunning looking stove. A quality product.Only unknown is how the door closure performs over time, it would be good to see some more reports on the Uno1.Finally a thanks to this site and the contributors, the reviews were really useful to a newbe like me.
    Overall rating:

    5 flames