Review of Franco Belge Montfort stove

Fire bricks

Angela Tonks 9 years ago

This is a great looking stove and on the whole am pleased with it except for one thing the fire bricks are so brittle had 3 back bricks in 2 years , had a new one in less than a week and it's crumbled where it holds in already.

Overall rating:

4 flames

Build Quality 4 flames (avg 3.9)
Quality of finish 5 flames (avg 4.5)
Value for money 3 flames (avg 3.7)
Ease of use 5 flames (avg 4.6)
Ease of lighting 5 flames (avg 4.5)
Firebox size 5 flames (avg 4.2)
How well does the airwash work 5 flames (avg 3.9)
Controllability 5 flames (avg 4.2)
Handle operation 5 flames (avg 4.3)
How likely are you to buy it again? 1 flames (avg 3.4)
What is your overall satisfaction? 1 flames (avg 3.6)