Review of Firefox 5 Classic stove

can anyone advise me on my stove?

Angela R 7 years ago

hello- I wonder if anyone can help? I've just bought a defra approved firefox classic 5 cleanburn, at least this is what I wanted to buy. The picture looks like what I bought, but I can't find the words defra on the stove or or the box anywhere. I wanted to ask- is this OK? If its defra would the stove say so somewhere on it? Or not? I live in a smokeless zone and want to make sure I have a defra stove so I can't get in trouble. I wondered if anyone could tell me about this before I go to the expense of getting a fitter- should my stove say defra on it? I thought it would come with some sort of certificate or something? The place I bought it claimed it was defra, but I don't know how I can be sure. help!

Stove expert replied: The Firwefox stoves that comply to the smoke controlled areas will have an airwash that will not fully shut down. Then company that supplied this should be able to confirm which model they have sent and if it states clean burn on the receipt then this is the correct model.

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Firebox size not yet rated (avg 3.1)
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Handle operation not yet rated (avg 3.3)
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