Clearview Pioneer 400 stove

Overall Rating:

4.5 flames

based on 104 reviews    (View rating breakdown)
Clearview Pioneer 400 stove

The Clearview Pioneer 400 stove is the smallest in the Clearview range of stoves.

This stove is made in UK and available in many colours.

The Clearview Pioneer has one single door.

Clearview stoves are available with or without multi fuel kit, back boilers, smoke control kits for smokeless areas, 2,4 or 6 inch legs & optional direct air supply to connect to the outside.

This makes them versatile stoves.

Technical Data
  • Height: 591mm
  • Width: 462mm
  • Depth: 383mm
  • Flue Diameter: 150mm
  • Fuel: Multifuell

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Review Ratings Breakdown

Build Quality 4.5 flames
Quality of finish 4.5 flames
Value for money 4.5 flames
Ease of use 4.5 flames
Ease of lighting 4.5 flames
Firebox size 4 flames
How well does the airwash work 4.5 flames
Controllability 4.5 flames
Handle operation 4 flames
How likely are you to buy it again? 4.5 flames
What is your overall satisfaction? 4.5 flames

Most Recent Review

  • Easy to light, operate and maintain.

    Stephen Stone one year ago

    I had my 400, wood burner only, with 4 inch legs, installed about a year ago. I have tried all manner of woods and compressed wood products. It has served me well. I am heating (initially) a
    small Victorian terrace front room 12 ft X 12 ff with 9 ft high ceilings. I have also bought one of those fans which has a motor which covers heat to electricity, which helps distribute the heat in the room more evenly.
    Overall rating:

    4.5 flames

Most Popular Review

  • Clearview Pioneer

    Steve 16 years ago

    Excellent stove, wholeheatedly recommended. So good we bought another for another room in our cottage. We know 2 friends who owned a Clearview, but weren't prepeared to pay the extra for another
    stove in their house, and both now regret it moaning about no airwash, poor heat, lighting etc
    Overall rating:

    4.5 flames

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  • Rolls Royce of Stoves

    Andrew Shaw 3 years ago

    Have had this stove for 4 years now after replacing an open fire. Will need to replace fire bricks and door rope for next year which is expected. Highly recommend this stove as it is so easy
    to use, has never given me any issues. and burns magnificent. Have only used good quality hardwood.Perfect for the med. to long term. Don't go cheap!
    Overall rating:

    4.5 flames

  • I have tried a lot. These are the best

    Simon Ashwell 3 years ago

    I have now owned and used stoves by Charnwood, Clearview, Woodwarm and Dean Forge. I currently have 2 Cleaview Pioneers and have also previously owned a Clearview Vision 500. Clearview Stoves
    are the best hands down. For ease of lighting, controllability, efficiency, heat production and general ease of use they are the best stoves I have used. I would not buy a stove made by any other company.
    Overall rating:

    5 flames

  • Three of our 8 Clearview''s in the house are Pioneer''s

    David Campbell 5 years ago

    The Pioneer 400 is installed in three of our bedrooms rooms. This is hopefully an opportunity to explain to potential clients what makes the Clearview Pioneer 400 one of the best quality British
    manufactured stoves available for over 30 years in my experience.Construction of the stove, the steel is folded where possible and double welded inside and out where it is not, ensuring total airtightness of the body. The ability to slumber the stove is first class, with an adjustable door handle and hinge system to ensure air tightness of the door as well. This makes them one of the more controllable stoves on the market, not just when they are new, but for many years to come as the rope beds in.The stoves are able to burn different types of fuel, although they have only been tested with wood. We tend to use Ash and Beech which has been processed and dried in potato boxes in our poly tunnel for about a year, which is a brilliant way to ensure your fuel is ready to burn. As long as the wood is seasoned and the core moisture level, the sap in wood, is less than 20% moisture you should be ready for trouble free use. The double glazed window ensures the inner glass is insulated from the room temperatures which gives an unsurpassed view of the fire. Just be sure to burn the stove hot at times to discharge combustion products up through the flue. Ideally a stove should be run between 350-500 degrees F for optimum burn.Stove gloves are provided with the stove to facilitate opening the door and fuelling the stove. Some people feel the handle getting hot to touch is a fault, but far from that, it is a design feature that makes you protect yourself before operating the stove. The gauntlets are flame retardant and heat resistant which helps you bring the burning fuel forward towards the window, and the fresh fuel can be placed across the firebox from left to right, which means that if any core moisture evaporates, it comes out of the end grain and hits the side tiles rather than presenting steam on the window.To sum up, the Pioneer is a tried and tested British favourite and should be added to everyone''s shortlist. Parts are the same now as they were 30 years ago which is testimony to the design and flawless performance.

    Stove expert replied: Tried and tested technology is known for the Clearview brand and little has changed as the reviewer says over the last few decades. As with any stove the fuel being seasoned is paramount to how effectively and efficiently they work. Great that 3 stoves have been used.

    Overall rating:

    5 flames

  • best money ever spent

    Guy Mcwilliam 5 years ago

    looked online for absolutely ages looking for a stove and narrowed it down to 3 of my choice 3rd was the stovax Stockton 5. 2nd Charnwood c4. 1st clearview pioneer 400. by far the best couldn
    ''t do without it now
    Overall rating:

    5 flames

  • Love our Clearview. 2 very happy cats

    Paul C 5 years ago

    I reviewed this stove 5 years ago under the same name Paul C. 5 years later the stove is workong perfectly and looks like new. The glass never smokes up and we love our stove. Definately worth
    the money and i would not buy another make if we were to move.
    Overall rating:

    5 flames

  • If Carlsberg did stoves it would be called at Clearview Pioneer

    John Evans 5 years ago

    If Carlsberg did stoves it would be called at Clearview Pioneer. Read the reviews, agonized over them, asked people I know who have two stoves, one of which is a clear view and they said that
    they were to buy another they would buy the Clearview again and again.So I bought a £1200 Clearview Pioneer 400, very happy, get it all good and hot and it draws like a steam train! Choo Choo!!Seriously I just follow the instruction manual on fuel moisture etc and it all works a treat and does exactly what it says it will do.
    Overall rating:

    5 flames

  • Fantastic Wood Burning Stove

    Graeme Mackay 5 years ago

    We did a lot of research on this website to narrow down the stoves we wanted to look at. The Clearview came up top after looking at the options. We have had it for 18 months now and it is by
    far the best purchase ever made. It is so easy to light and to manage through the evening. I''ve been in holiday cottages with other stoves and the trouble I have had lighting them makes me want to get home to the one we know and love. Literally rolled up newspaper; kindling and then some small logs - and off it goes. You occasionally see the window sooting up, but it does clean itself. If still a bit dirty; wet newspaper dipped in the ash and clean the window will do the trick
    Overall rating:

    5 flames

  • Pleased with my first ever stove

    Steve Biggs 5 years ago

    Sometimes you''re limited simply to the range of your nearest stove fitter, but I''m glad my local one offered Clearview. After further reading they do appear to be the Rolls-Royce of woodburning
    stoves. My biggest concern was the new 2022 SIA guidelines and that the Pioneer 400 does not currently past their tests. Apparently Clearview have not yet submitted their models for testing so they might well pass ... just with minor tweaks. However the ease of use of this stove is what wins it for me. I''d rather a 70-75% efficient stove that''s a joy to use/control rather than an 85% efficient one that isn''t
    Overall rating:

    5 flames

  • An excellent stove

    Brian Mckenna 6 years ago

    Had the Clearview pioneer 400 installed here in Ireland about 18 months ago.We had an open fire before we installed the stove, no comparison.The stove is very easy to light, easy on fuel and
    the glass is nearly always clean. A great purchase and would highly recommend. I had the stove installed by a professional and he said most people who do their research end up purchasing a Clearview.
    Overall rating:

    1 flames

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