Broseley hercules 20B

Overall Rating:

3.5 flames

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Broseley hercules 20B

The Hercules 20B is a high output boiler stove

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Review Ratings Breakdown

Build Quality 4.5 flames
Quality of finish 4 flames
Value for money 3.5 flames
Ease of use 4 flames
Ease of lighting 4.5 flames
Firebox size 4.5 flames
How well does the airwash work 2 flames
Controllability 3.5 flames
Handle operation 3.5 flames
How likely are you to buy it again? 3.5 flames
What is your overall satisfaction? 3.5 flames

Most Recent Review

  • Hercules 20b

    Steven Findlay 8 years ago

    We had the Hillandale Hercules 20b fitted in our new build 2 years ago it a great burning fire but because the house is so well insulated the house gets too warm to quick is there a way that
    you can keep the fire burning without it heating the hot water and radiators because if we turn the radiators off the hot water starts to get to hot in the tank and starts banging and creaking!

    Stove expert replied: If the boiler is too large there is little that can be done to make it produce less other than the operating the controls on the stove itself. Perhaps using it for shorter periods at a time may help the situation, it will not do the stove much good to be shut down all the time so shorter periods of a faster burn will be more beneficial.

    Overall rating:

    4.5 flames

Most Popular Review

  • Broseley 30B

    Jane Doughty 11 years ago

    Please can someone advise? The Broseley gives lots of heat to the room but not to the heating or water. Has anyone else had this problem? Fitted by Hetas fitters and they say not problem
    with the way it's plumbed up.

    Stove expert replied: Does the stove appear to be working well or burning hard and not very controllable? If the flue has a strong draw then it could be that much of the heat is going up the flue rather than into the water. Needs further investigation.

    Overall rating:

    3 flames

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  • smoking issues with Brosley 20

    Iwan Davies 10 years ago

    Having problems with smoke back tracking in to room every time we open door of stove to put wood on.Have cleaned the chimney and cleared the baffle tray, I am at a loss what problem could be
    , becaues it has been working fine in the past , has any body got any ideas please.

    Stove expert replied: It may be due to weather conditions or the baffle being slightly distorted or not back in the correct position. If you have altered anything in the house (eg Double glazing perhaps) this can affect the way a stove will perform. If you are surrounded by trees may also effect the stoves performance and further investigation is recommended. Adding an anti-down draught cowl may solve the problem and may be worth further investigation.

    Overall rating:

    2.5 flames

  • Broseley 30 b

    Ian 11 years ago

    Having same problem as other reviews lots of heat to room none to water also fitted by hetas fitter who advised plumbing and flue not a problem. Could anybody help with this problem.

    Stove expert replied: Have you contacted their Technical Department for advice.

    Overall rating:

    4 flames

  • Broseley Hercules 30

    Sarah Banks 12 years ago

    The best thing we ever bought for our draughty Yorkshire Farmhouse. We have had it for 12 months and the house has never been as warm. Invest a small amount in a cheap moisture meter to ensure
    dry wood and you will never look back.
    Overall rating:

    4.5 flames

  • Brosley Hercules 30kW

    Louise Charnock 13 years ago

    We have had this fire for three years. We keep it in 6-7 months at a time without letting it go out. We burn wood during the day and a bucket of Burn Well(nuggets) at night which easily keeps
    it in for 8 hours. It may dirty the glass but you can't have everything! My home is always warm and we have plenty of hot water.You must remember that if you want 30kW of heat you need to burn 30kW of fuel, you don't get anything for nothing.

    Stove expert replied: Smokeless fuels tend to be cleaner burning on the glass and it is worth trying various types before buying in bulk as they do vary with different models.

    Overall rating:

    4 flames

  • Broseley Stove 30kw output

    Revd MacLeod 13 years ago

    We bought the Broseley Stove Herculees 30kw last year, it is supposed to heat around 24-26 rads, however we had the stove fitted connecting it with a nutriliser to our Gas boiler so that the
    two can work together or on their own.The fire gets very hot, and last week the Thermometer said it was 700, this week it is around 400 - 500.On a whole we are very happy with the fire, you do need to know what you are doing, and if you are having one to do central heating then do be carful who you get to do the work.We have used lots of types of coal on the fire from cobbles and we are now using the small grade A solid fuel house coal.This stays in all night, infact the fire has not gone out in two weeks.We are situated in the Peak District which can be cold, so well worth it.

    Stove expert replied: Ensure Qualified Hetas Engineers install the appliance and secondly try different fuels until you find the one that works best on your appliance and you get a warm outcome.

    Overall rating:

    3.5 flames

  • broseley 20B

    Len Parkes 14 years ago

    works well gets water hot very quick ie. full tank about 1.5 hours (65degC) airwash poor. air vents poor finish, apart from these, very happy with the stove.
    Overall rating:

    3.5 flames

  • brosely hercules 20B stove

    Paul Osborne 15 years ago

    Generally works very well but took time getting to know the settings when in use. \n
    Overall rating:

    4.5 flames

  • Brosley B20


    The b20 is a great looking stove but I am having problems getting the water and rads hot. I've got a great fire, the thermosat on the steel pipe is showing 300, the water and rads are luke warm
    . I've got great ventalation, using welsh anthracite coal. Its a new heating system, pipes, pump, copper cyilinder the works. I installed it 14 months ago and have tried everthing. The fire has been that hot I replaced 3 set of bars because they were bending can any one help? I feel like ripping it out and putting gas back in not a happy bunny.

    Stove expert replied: I suggest getting advice on the heating system that has been installed as it sounds as if the heat is not getting away from the stove to where it should be (cylinder and radiators). The installation is critical on boiler stoves and there may be a simple explanation why this is not performing as expected.

    Overall rating:

    3.5 flames